Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just back from Orlando...

Dianna with Ben Stein; he was promoting his new documentary at the International Christian Retail Show...

...where Tyndale House introduced Riven to the retail store owners and managers.

I signed both the final hardbacks as well as Advance reader Copies with the assistance of the best looking grandma at the convention.
We visited Universal Studios and Epcot Center, where I got silly with a statue in China.


The Real Deal said...

Ya, you were getting kinda silly last night...laughing a lot. I've never seen you so giddy!

The Waggoners said...

How cool, Aunt Dianna, that you got to meet Ben Stein! Have you seen the film yet? Looking forward to seeing you soon!

flowerfish said...

Thanks again for sharing the photos of your travels. There are only a few days left until "Riven" will be on the scene for the rest of us. I finished "The Rising" and it was really good. I also saw you will be writing in Moody's Today in the Word. That is a great devotional and I hope many will decide to check it out. Best wishes for the upcoming release of "Riven".

leo said...


After checking out the comments by book reviewer I am looking forward to read the Chinese edition of your novel.

It is my first time to look through a blog by a foreigner completely.

Surprised me a little.I mean the the picture you with Terracotta Warriors.You said "you got silly with a statue in China":)

When i randomly googled "Jerry,blog" It came out an author in USA.I enjoy reading Hemingway too,A full beard writer.So leave these words for this meeting with by accident.

Good luck!