Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Update...

On the occasion of son Mike's 26th birthday the other day (September 4) and my recent election (I'm truly humbled) as World's Coolest Grandpa (and to prove it, in one of the photos below I'm wearing the exclusive shirt), I thought it would be good to show the loves of our lives.

With Mike, our youngest, and tallest. He recently graduated from Colorado Christian University.

Middle son Chad, his wife Christa, and our newest addition, 1-year-old grandson Isaac.

Chad is a graduate of Bethel (Indiana) College and is Sports Information Director and assistant baseball coach at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas. Christa is a CPA.

Big brother Dallas recently brought his two oldest, Sam and Maya, to spend the weekend with us. Dal runs our film company in Los Angeles and is a movie director. Here's the whole family, including his wife Amanda and their youngest, Elle (better known as Beanie).

Here's Grandma with Sam and Maya:

And me with Sam, posing Star Wars figures and wearing the shirt of fame:


flowerfish said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely family photos. Do you have any suggestions for parents who want to encourage their children to begin writing? It was such a struggle to get my son to write when he was a younger homeschooler. He is a good writer now but it seems it should have been a more fun activity at an earlier age. As I talk to other homeschooling moms I like to give them helpful suggestions that will make the road easier than it was for me.

I have been reading "Riven" and find the characters to be so real. I do not get to read much each day. The best thing about that is it makes the story last longer and I have time between readings to really think about what happens in each scene. I hope one day "Riven" can be made into a movie.

Curiosity strikes me with a question: why are there very few comments on this site? I check it often expecting to see comments from readers of "Riven" but there is little activity. I do not understand why. Any ideas?

Jerry Jenkins said...

Thanks, Flowerfish. Check out

We have courses for kids, and they're fun.

Thanks for your kind comments about Riven.

As for why there are few comments, I think there are two reasons. This is a fairly new blog many are unaware of, and also I'm a little hesitant to keep blasting my list to tell them I've updated it. I suppose I should do that.

Cindy Swanson said...

What a beautiful family you have, Jerry! I'm a radio personality and voice-over artist in Rockford, IL...and I often interview authors and review books at I'll definitely be visiting your blog again!

Talkin' Texan said...

About the lack of comments--if you know the formula for getting folks to comment, pass it along! ;) I'm not famous, so I don't expect many, but I'd like more than I get!
I'm sure as your fans find you, you'll get more. I've got you listed on my blog as one I read. Maybe someone clicks on you ever now and then. Feel free to stop by and see me at my blog. And leave a comment. LOL ;) (CWG Apprentice)

Eric Jenkins said...

I think we have a controversy on our hands. Your brother Jeff has also been awarded the coveted "World's greatest Grandpa" shirt...and as far as I know, there can only be one greatest. You two will have to arm wrestle for it or something.