Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Blessed to Have a Fun Life...

Just finished two days of interviewing at our home with former Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs (now a NASCAR team owner). [I wrote his biography several years ago, and now we're working on a spiritual/motivational book.] While those tapes are being transcribed, I will be writing the fourth and last novel in Dr. Tim LaHaye's and my Jesus Chronicles series, Matthew's Story. Shortly after that is finished, the transcriptions for Joe's book will be ready and I'll get that done in time for a Summer '09 release. It's nice to have work.


Talkin' Texan said...

My husband is a NASCAR fan. He will be excited to hear about the new project. We'll be watching for it!

Jamin said...

Sounds like you have LOTS of work!

flowerfish said...

I just finished "Riven" and I am glad it was on a Saturday so I did not have to put it down! Brady's life story took me on a roller coaster ride while Thomas's life was a story of quiet, steady faith through disappointments until near the end of the book. They sure took different routes to be heading to the same eternal home.

This book had special meaning for me because I know of a young man on death row and your writing gave me some insight about the thought processes that probably led him to commit his crime.

I think some Christians may have a hard time reading about Brady's life both before and while he was incarcerated because his sins appear to be so extreme. This helped me focus on how sin is sin to God and His scales of justice are so different than what we humans are use to when considering different levels of punishment according to levels of sin. In God's eyes we all deserve death for our sin just as Brady did but God gave us the Way to eternal life. "Riven" was a great reinforcement of why Jesus came to earth.

I also so appreciated hearing the calm, peaceful words of Jesus quoted in the book as a contrast to the normal chaos in the prison. You really brought life to the scenes and I felt Christ's presence through the book.

Thanks for this blessed work and I look forward to these new efforts you are working on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry!

LOVE your writer's "Cave' and the sign above the door is a classic, in every sense.

One of the things that I have to watch for, when I get down to writing, is making sure I have my I*M (instant messaging) switched to 'AWAY' or I usually get interrupted.

And, as you said, with the view, you're hardly at a loss for inspiration.

Keep up the great work!!


MOM said...

Just finished reading Jesus Chronicles (John and Mark) and now finishing Luke. I found these historical novels fascinating.

I understand the use of the true facts of the bible and the interweaving the author's vision of how these men lived and communicated in their time.

Now I'd like to know which is fact or fiction...realizing doing research for a book, many facts about these men and their lives are found "somewhere".

Can you enlighten me on this subject?

Again, I found these fascinating reading, actually profound. I just finished reading in Luke the account between Luke and Mary...awesome...

I'm looking forward to Matthew.