Friday, November 21, 2008

A Sea of Fog at the Cave

I often refer to getting away to my cave to write, and many have asked what I'm talking about. At my office in Colorado Springs I do everything but write. When I am on deadline, I have to get away from the phones, the visitors, the TV, etc. Dianna and I found the perfect spot some years ago, 80 miles west of the Springs on 59 acres in the mountains. I call it the cave simply because it's where I go to do nothing but write. I have to confess, it's a pretty nice cave.

Below is a typical morning view, followed by the sea of fog that rolled in today and stunned us.
Below is the same phenomenon from a different direction. Isn't the fog gorgeous?

Now as for the cave itself, my writing office is upstairs in a building behind the house. Visitors are greeted by this sign Dianna gave me (she's my guardian, protecting me from all distractions). I have the same sign over my office in the Springs. My assistant Debbie has a grandson who stood studying the sign, then said, "Grammy, is Mr. Jerry really a wizard?"

Below: Looking into the cave from the door. I have similar outside views from three of the four walls, so I am without excuse and never lack for inspiration.

Below: I have always liked to arrange my desk like a horseshoe and have all my resources within reach. This beautiful desk was made for me by an artisan in a nearby town. Notice the Colorado touches on the left with the pines, the Icthus hidden in the clouds (darker on either side of the monitor), and on the right, the Calvary scene.
Below: This view shows more of what I see while sitting behind the keyboard.


C.J. Darlington said...

That is simply beautiful, Jerry. I love Colorado.

PenNhnd said...

But is your desk always that clean? Inquiring minds need to know!

I don't have the mountains, but I live on a golf course. In the mornings, when the fog rolls in (typically this time of year), I have a special name for it.

I won't share it though. It's kinda personal. Between me and God. (And maybe an editor...)

RoverHaus said...

Just beautiful...but honestly? I'm a little disappointed. I was expecting to see a real cave, stick people drawings and one animal skin-clad Jerry chewing on a turkey leg in the corner and grunting between bites.

Thanks for sharing!

Ken said...


loved the pics of your cave... thanks for sharing an inside peek of a place that's provided so much inspiration... very cool.

big k

Randy Ingermanson said...

Very cool cave, Jerry! I like that desk. Now I know what to ask Santa for Christmas . . .

Travis Thrasher said...

You didn't show them the photo of the closet full of dwarves that sit behind typewriters and type away all day and night. Or the axe you wield when it becomes "all work and no play" for you!

Wes said...


...I, too, call my office "The Cave"

...good for you for having a place to retreat to for writing pray for my honest envy of having a place with that kind of view and desk :-)

...however, I do love my space here just as much

...and thanks for sharing!

...makes me sincerely look forward to what's next from "The Cave of Inspiration"

The Waggoners said...

The view IS stunning -- fog or no fog! (but the fog is cool too). Does Dominoes deliver up there? (j/k)
I LOVE the idea of a u-shaped desk! And the beautiful in-lay assures you keep it tidy! Thanks for sharing!

Jerry Jenkins said...

Of course the desk is rarely that clean; that was just for the photo. :)

Usually it is covered on both sides by all my research and resources.

And while Dominoes does NOT deliver up there (at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level), we just found out that the Schwan man can make it. And we made it worth his while.

The Waggoners said...

Schwans is even better!

mdhealey said...

Can I move in? I'm thinking a cot between the desk and the fireplace. :O)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Nicole said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I'd be distracted by the beauty, I'm sure.

flowerfish said...

God created layers and layers of beauty in this world for our enjoyment. Looks like He painted a beach in the mountains for you that day. Thank you for sharing this scene which is beautiful.

Also, your desk is so unique, both inspirational and practical.

I am curious if you ever see bears and if they read Diana's sign?

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Jerry Jenkins said...
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Jerry Jenkins said...

Yes, we saw one bear rooting through our garbage in the middle of the day. I scared it off, then had to change my pants.

The game warden said it had to have been starving to risk foraging before dark. Probably a mama with cubs nearby.

kathy said...

Wow. Nice Cave.

I have a desk shoved in the corner of the "family room". I'm right where I know what all the kids are doing but it's not always the best place to concentrate.