Friday, January 16, 2009

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb...

...was spectacular, but we're having glitches trying to get the photos onto my system. Will post as soon as we get that fixed.

1,437 steps to 440 feet above the water...couldn't have done this 6 years and 135 pounds ago. I must still not look even 225 pounds, as the girl guessed my jump suit size too small the first two tries.
Yep, this is me with Sammy (now 7) about 6 years ago.

At the end of the day Dianna and I were in a MacDonald's during rush hour when three n'er-do-wells sauntered in, stole all the straws, and casually walked out. Ever the justice-minded, I hollered at them, but they ignored me. I told the clerk, "Those guys just stole all your straws." She gave me a look that said, "I'm waiting on customers; what can I do?"

So the old gimp headed after them, jogging down the busy street on shredded knees still aching from the bridge climb. I overtook the miscreants, grabbed the straws, and said, "I'll take those, thank you." What a man.
Dianna was amused.


Norm said...

Well...congratulations on completing the bridge climb.

Regarding the "straw" story. You are definitely dah man! However, if you had been in Chicago,Washington, DC or some other town, unfortunately the story could have ended very different.

Be careful my friend.

H.L. Hussmann - God's Greatest Passion Ministries said...

I loved this story.
Way to go. :)