Friday, February 27, 2009

I Enjoy being Busy, but...

...after the busiest 30 days of my life, I have a new metaphor for what I want to do with my schedule from now on. After working on Game Plan for Life (to release this summer) with NASCAR racing team owner Joe Gibbs, I'm committed to seeing how many more laps I can get in and quit worrying about how much speed I can generate in the corners. Call it fuel tank stewardship.
Our annual Christian Writers Guild Writing for the Soul conference went well, and here are a few highlights.
Karen Watson of Tyndale House (left) and I present the first place award to First-Novel contest winner C.J. Darlington. See for details. Why not enter the next one?

Here I'm teaching (as a Dr. of Wordiology [sorry]) in Andy Scheer's and my Thick-Skinned Manuscript Critique workshop.

McNair Wilson proved one of the most dynamic presenters this year (as usual), and he is anything but boring. This just shows how exhausted I was by the end of the day. Sorry, McNair.
Me with my bride by writer/photographer Eva Marie Everson.

After a couple of days in Chicago on Moody Bible Institute board business, it was on to New York for some promotion with Dr. Tim LaHaye. Here we are with him and his wife, Beverly. They have been married 62 years!

Dr. LaHaye and I did 17 TV shows and 16 radio shows in two days.


A.L. Marquardt said...

This year's conference was by far my favorite. I thank you and everyone else at the Guild for working so hard to make it a success.

I don't think you or Dr LaHaye looked like idiots (then again it's hard to look like an idiot when your words don't appear on the show). In fact I kept nodding my head (snicker) while Dr. LaHaye spoke, so at least part of his message came through the way he intended.

Anyone who knows you or Dr LaHaye could tell the show was edited in the hostess' favor.

normmacdonald said...

We watched the segment and thought "oh man, what were they thinking?"

That was the first time I've seen her show, and the last I might add. I loved her line about not criticizing or judging others when that was what her entire show was based on. Go figure.

Who would have thought the liberal media admired Ann Coulter enough to clone a version for themselves!

Rebecca said...

We watched the Rachel Maddow Show for two nights waiting to see your interview. After the first night, I just had to Wikipedia her to see who she was :)

My 17 year old daughter's comment: "This show proves that freedom of speech is still okay in the US." She said something else that was pretty funny, but I won't write it here.

The one thing we were sure of was that you guys know how to face lions. But this time, the lion had new tricks. You just have to laugh. Thank you for putting yourselves out there.

Michele said...

I saw it. You didn't look like idiots. In fact, I decided to add her name to my prayer list. Who knows? Look at what happened to Saul/Paul.

msfreddy said...

Mike Huckabee interviews liberals and weirdo's from the hateful left and treats them with dignity and presents their views fairly. It has long been clear that the "hateful left" has no such moral restriction on how they present the other side. Their arrogance is dangerous and amazing. Thank God for the rapture.

msfreddy said...

PS...MS Freddy is Karl from the Asher bus in 08. My grandma called me freddy.

Saint Mike said...

I recall something about pearls and swine, and something else about dusting off your feet...

annie said...

I second Michele's decision to add Rachel Maddow to our prayer lists. I'm convinced the long arm of God can reach anyone...his grasp found me after all!

Lucas said...

Rather than no more taping, I suggest making an arrangement where they give you the unedited version before you leave. Then, you can expose their tactics. Can you imagine a news piece on how liberal media distorts interviews?

Tami said...

Mr. Jenkins
First, thank you for all you do. Your latest work is by far one of my most favorite novels. I am a member of the guild, and appreciate all that you do.
Secondly, this past fall, in the heat of the elections, I was called by CNN's AC 360 to do an interview. I am a blogger and they came to my home to do an interview, spending over 4 hours with me and a group of gals I had gathered. We did it on my terms, but like you, we allowed it to be taped instead of going live and that was our mistake. NOTHING I said was kept in context. (the interview was about Sarah Palin, so you can only imagine). Instead, they crafted it in such a way that it fit nicely into their segment on "Sarah Palin fans"....and they portrayed us as right wing religious NUTS. I learned my lesson well, but came away feeling "had". It brought droves of unwanted traffic to my blog, and that's okay, we handled it...but in the end, learned a valuable lesson or two for sure.

Political Response said...

Mr. Jenkins, Rachel Maddow is not a "lion" as you suggest, but a "fox". She has the intellect and confidence to have posted the entire interview with you and Dr. LaHaye on the MSNBC website.

While it was obvious that she disagreed with your views, in no way did she seek to vilify either you or Dr. LaHaye. She spoke to you both in a sincerely respectful manner. Perhaps your sycophants (e.g., normmacdonald) should really take a closer look at the vileness of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush. Disagree with liberals like Rachel Maddow if you must, but she is civil and fair and the full interview she has posted proves it once again.

prissysissy said...

After watching both the edited version on Friday, Rachel's response last night and the unedited version online today, I came looking for your blog posts.

It bums me out that you felt attacked because I really enjoyed what I saw on Friday night (though, I should note that I thought it was odd that you didn't say a whole lot!)

I'm obviously a Rachel Maddow fan, and one of the reasons I like her so much is that she'll sometimes bring people on her show who she doesn't agree with and then she lets them speak. She asks questions but always lets the speaker finish his/her point. The most combative she gets is, at the end of the interview, she might say "thanks for coming on the show knowing that I disagree with you.." or something to that effect.

I like that about her. I think she sets a really good example for all of us who have strong convictions--all the interrupting and yelling over each other has made us all a bit hateful.

Anyway, I'm bummed out that you felt so badly because I found the interview (both versions) so interesting. And, I promise, not in any kind of a mean way. It was more of a 'huh..I wasn't expecting them to be so soft spoken and likable' feeling. (sorry about that - the loudest voices on your side and the loudest voices on my side make us all look pretty bad to each other)

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I thought this whole misunderstanding/disagreement was handled beautifully by both parties. Yay humanity! We're getting better at this (baby stepping all the way)!

Saint Mike said...

Wow! This is getting interesting... I guess I'll have to watch the interviews!
Totally clueless about Rachel. I won't spend the $$ for cable, so that's probably why.

Donna Larson said...

I'm very happy this dispute is evidently resolved by both parties. Prayer still works.