Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At Moody Pastors' Conference...

...in Chicago, it was fun to teach a breakout session on Using Writing to Expand Your Minstry, and to sign Riven for the attendees.


Mark D. Taylor said...

Jerry, you look pretty grim in two of these Moody pictures. Lighten up a little bit! (I'm writing from Indiana, where I'm trying not to be grim as a trustee on the Taylor University board!)


Alan Atchison said...

Mr. Jenkins, we've never met, except for a few writing technique questions that you answered for me online some time ago, but I've read a lot of your books and truly enjoy your work. But today, I specifically searched to see if you had a blog so that I could try to contact you directly. I simply had to tell you that I just finished "Riven" and felt it was just a masterpiece! You called it your life's work and totally backed it up.

Encouraging and so true to the struggles of real life. The conclusion of course, is unmatched, except for the Bible itself. What I really appreciated was the way many things didn't go according to plan or with a happy ending or with a nice little wrap-up because that's life. My wife works in campus ministry and can relate to some of Thomas Carey's frustrations, so I've asked her to put her books-to-be-read queue on hold to read "Riven" now.

As a writer/editor myself, your work has had a heavy influence on me, so I also just wanted to say thanks.