Sunday, July 19, 2009

Movie Shoot is a Wrap

Son Dallas reports: Well, we just completed filming "What If...," and even though I'm monumentally exhausted, I've never been this optimistic about a film. My wife told me on the phone that she's "never heard you like this." Working with Pure Flix went very well, and the actors were amazing.

Please check out, and you can see my daily video blog. The first 12 days of shooting are up there, and I give a semi-detailed account each day of how it went and what we did.
I'll start editing in about a week or so, and we remain on target for a February 2010 release.

Also, we've chosen a screenwriter to adapt my dad's novel Riven (our next movie). Great guy, a good friend of mine, and a terrific writer, and he has a great take on the story. We're hoping to get him going within a week or two, and the goal is to start shooting in December.

And a couple of more from the cruise...

Can you tell I'm psyched about having been able to do this? These shots are from tour leader, Dr. Charlie Dyer.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the WRAP on the movie! Looking forward to seeing it! It's also great when 'hollywood' actors want to take part in a project with more depth then they usually end up seeing in their movies and t.v. shows. Bravo!!!

Norm said...

Kudos on the movie project and double kudos on the mast climb! Did you slide down the pole like them real sailors do?

Gretchen Ricker said...

Oh gosh Jerry! Hope you were in port and not out at sea! My husband keeps threatening to send me up the bosun's chair when we have troubles. I won't go 'cause he may not let me down!

Horray to Dallas for the wrap. Look forward to Riven reports as well.

Jerry Jenkins said...

We were out at sea. Harbor or not, fall from there and you're in Davy Jones's locker. I was tethered though, so the worst I could do was dangle.