Saturday, July 11, 2009

Okay, I've Painted Myself into a Corner...

...and leave today for the Christian booksellers convention, then head to Indiana to speak, then back to Colorado to more deadlines. So, this forces me to be VERY selective in what I share from the two-week Moody Bible Institute cruise and bus tour of the cities of Paul and the churches of Revelation. Maybe that's for the best. Nothing more boring than someone else's vacation pictures, right?

There were more than 130 fellow travelers. We sailed on the Star Clipper out of Athens. Moody personnel did a fantastic job making it an unforgettable experience. And here are some of the highlights.

Getting fitted with life jackets the first day.

Privileged to speak to the rest of the passengers.

Big brother Jim and his wife Sharon came along. He kept telling everyone, "I'm the nice one."

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to climb the mast, something I wouldn't have dreamed of doing six years and 135 pounds ago.

My view of Dianna from way up there somewhere.

At our first stop in Corinth we saw this name in stone: Erastus. That was my paternal grandfather's middle name.

One of countless stunning views in Greece.

Yes, even other countries need plumbing. This had something to do with the Great White Throne Judgment.

The legendary and magnificent Corinthian Canal.

I shot more columns than I care to remember, so here is one representative.

This might look like a library, but it carried none of my books.

I know this looks like snow, but it is one of the largest calcium deposits in the world and still growing.

Believe it or not, this is the ceiling in one of the last restaurants we enjoyed in Turkey.

Chasing our bus.

Sunset from the plane.


MrsOReilly said...

Hi Jerry!

Love your pics! Love the 'White THRONE Judgment'. Ha, ha. The skyline is beautiful! And your mast picture was quite insightful. WOW! 135 pounds! Give me your secret! I need to lose thirty pounds but I'm weak. I'm a chocoholic!

Thanks for sharing all the pics. Especially the picture of the priests. Don't ask me why, but they totally look like the guys from the Bible days.


A J Hawke said...

What a great cruise. It brought back memories of visiting Greece and Turkey in the early 70s.
Pamukkale was a tiny place with only one hotel.
Of course, the hot springs and calcium deposits were the same. We traveled in the area by public bus and ate at local places, which made it even more interesting. The best part of our trip was having Greek and Turkish Christians traveling with us to share their history.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

MrsOReilly said...

Just remembered something; Wasn't Noah's Ark found on Mount Araat, which is in Turkey?

Jerry Jenkins said...

It's all about calories.

Not aware of any evidence of the finding of Noah's Ark, though Ararat would be the place and many have searched.

MrsOReilly said...

I saw this crazy article on facebook, on how you can lose 20 pounds in two weeks, and that is has to do with colon cleansing, blah blah....thing is, I can't imagine losing any kind of substantial weight in so short of time in a healthy way.

I need a shopping buddy. Or Richard Simmons with a gun. Ha, ha. "Your chocolate or your life!"

As far as Noah's Ark, I always heard it was found...or maybe I read it in fictional stories and took it as fact. Cold be. Then again, it's like thousands of years old and it was made of wood. I can't imagine something like that lasting this long. On the other hand, parchment has been found after thousands of years, which has allowed the Bible to be assembled.

Someone told me about having seen the Dead Sea Scrolls and so I replied and was responded to by someone who sent a youtube link for "The God who Wasn't There".

Pardon me if I put the Bible ahead of YouTube.

Kathy C. said...