Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm on a Writing Deadline...

...but I had to take a break to add these recent grandkid shots.
Dallas and Amanda's Beanie, Maya, and Sam with Chad and Christa's Isaac.
Bowlegged Grandpa with Beanie.
Grandpa, Maya, Grandma, Beanie, and Sam.
Dallas with Elle (Beanie).
Our favorite Chicago eatery.
Dallas and Amanda.
Sam with Mom Amanda.
Isaac and Grandpa.


Dee Bentley said...

All the grandkids look like you. Glad you've had such fun family times this summer.
All the best to you.

Leigh Davis said...

Cool grandkid photos! Love the pic of you and Isaac, (you smiling at him. Him trying to do the same thing, without success)

It's important to take a time out, or, even the most enjoyable things become a chore.

Looking forward to your next project.

Mr. Pond said...

Excellent choice of favorite eatery! I'm firmly with you on that side of the "Which deep dish joint is best?" argument. It's always worth the queue, and the tab. Hmm, for some reason I'm suddenly missing Chicago...

And it looks like you had a wonderful evening--even aside from the food!

--John Pazdziora

Leigh Davis said...

That restaurant DOES look like it serves great food! And real food, not that fast food junk! Lasagna. Fettucini Alfredo? What did you have? I'd have gone for the fettucini! In any case, looks like a great time!

Dallas Jenkins said...

You don't go to Giordano's for anything but the pizza. It's the best pizza in the history of humans.

Leigh Davis said...

Now I want pizza! Their pizza! *Sigh* I'm nowhere near the vicinity.

Still, though, couldn't I have a bit of fettucini? I love fettucini and I'm sure Giordano's makes an excellent fettucini as well! Oh, wait....DEEP DISH pizza?
Never mind the fettucini! Deep Dish Pizza RULES!!!