Friday, September 25, 2009

Lest You Wonder...

...why I say I'm healthier at my current age than at any other, I offer this evidence. Twenty years ago, my birthday cake read, "Mourning Your 40th," and "R.I.P.," etc. Sadly, it was all too close to true.


T. Owen said...

October 12 makes forty years for me. In younger days I walked the jungle trails of New Guinea and was fit. My pastor's study in Iowa doesn't come equipped with jungles, humidity, or the need to walk everywhere.

Fitness for me requires attention and intention now. Thanks for the encouragement--and congratulations on sixty years. Thanks also for CWG. It has been a tremendous blessing.

Kind regards,
Todd Owen
CWG Apprentice

Jena Simms said...

Oct. 1 made 34 years for me and I want you to know that I am sooooo proud of you for being a healthier you at 60 than at 40. It takes more energy to be healthy than many people think. Good Job, now go and stay healthy for your next 60 years.