Thursday, September 24, 2009

Settling In to this New Number...

It's weird to be 60, remembering how ancient my grandparents seemed at the same age. I can only imagine what our grandkids think of us relics.

The festivities were fantastic. Dianna arranged yet another surprise party, this time at Giordano's Pizza in Chicago, where we arrived to find friends and colleagues from Moody.

Then it was off to Milwaukee for a Cub game against the Brewers with our friends, Roger and Sandy Eide. The Cubs lost, so the best entertainment of the night was the always popular sausage race.
I was overwhelmed by cards and gifts, but if Dianna were the only gift I ever received, she would be way more than enough.


Stephen and Janet Bly said...

Jerry & Diana: Wow, you both look great! You vintage well!

Steve & Janet

Carmel said...

What a sweet thing to say about your wife! That's so lovely.

CJ Hines