Thursday, October 29, 2009

Couple of Things Today...

...first, I have finally gotten to responding to all the posts from last week's (10/21) Wednesday's Writing About Writing (Eliminating Distractions; my writing cave, etc.), so check that comment area if interested.

Also, my friend, Dr. Dennis Hensley, who runs the professional writing program at Taylor University (Indiana), and serves on the editorial board of the Christian Writers Guild, has a guest editorial posted this week at several venues, but you can find it easiest at on the "features" page.

It's Doc's response to the 2012 mania, and it's a hoot. Because of Left Behind, I too am getting besieged with questions about this and just finished an interview with CNN a few minutes ago.

Check out Doc's take on it.


Sherry Parmelee said...

Hello, Jerry!

Please forgive this unsolicited editing from someone you may not remember from Chicagoland and the "Mornings with Greg and Chris" days... but to clarify for your readers, that earlier post reference should be 10/21, not 11/21. (A couple of misspellings have also fallen under my perennial proofreader's eye, but I'm much too polite to bring them to your attention.) :)

Thanks for your great blog--I'm SO enjoying learning more about your life and your craft! God's richest blessings to you and yours!

Jerry Jenkins said...

Thanks. Good to hear from you. But do you seriously think it's polite to not point out typos? Is it polite to let me continue looking like an idiot?

Did I catch them all?

Sherry Parmelee said...

Well, in your case, I'd definitely consider typos a mark of haste rather than idiocy... but yes, I do believe you caught them all. :)

(We have a mutual friend who will chuckle at the news that I "edited" his mentor's writing! Clue to his identity in my earlier comment.)

Good to connect with you, and thanks for the fun! (Well, for me, anyway!) :)

Jerry Jenkins said...

Eye yews alley count on spell check two bee sure aye git everything rite.

Sherry Parmelee said...

A whys practice. Wee can all ways re-lie on spell check two catch awl hour miss takes. :)