Sunday, January 3, 2010

Appreciated the Comments...

...on my Bible reading blog below. I have enhanced the ease of accomplishing reading through the Bible this year by downloading the NLT onto my Kindle. Enjoying it -- and everything else -- here on Kauai as Dianna and I celebrate our upcoming 39th anniversary (Jan. 23).

Here are a couple of shots from our family Christmas in Kansas. (Top, l to r, me and my three sons: Chad, 32; Dad, 60; Dallas, 34; Mike, 27 .)

My only regret is that I didn't get shots with our two beautiful daughters-in-law, Amanda (Dallas) and Christa (Chad), who are, of course, responsible for the beautiful grandchildren below. When I get the whole family photo, I'll include it.

Chad and Christa's Isaac (2) is on my lap. Their Micah (3 mos.) is on Dianna's lap. The other three are Dallas and Amanda's Sam (8) and Maya (6) in the back, and Elle (4).


Ruth Karner said...

I was cruising the net and ran across your blog and had to say HI. I have not seen you or your boys in so long!! You guys all look great!! It has been too long. If your in the area give me a call. I'm still at Immanuel. Sue V. said she and Mike hung with you on your Israel trip. They are are amazing people. By the way I love Riven!!! Sent it to my son Luke who is in Honduras in the Peace Corp. Has a lot of alone time so reading a lot!
Love to Diana!!
Ruth Karner

Michael Joshua said...

Aren't grandchildren the BEST??

Jerry Jenkins said...

Good to hear from you, Ruth!

Jerry Jenkins said...

So true, Michael.