Friday, January 22, 2010

Pictures From the Set of What If..., Days 8 and 9

In no random order, here are some pictures from the set from last year during our three-day trip to Grand Rapids.

In a scene between Kevin Sorbo and Toni Trucks (as investment banker Ben Walker and his assistant Claire), the camera gets a closeup of a letter Ben receives.

I discuss the best way for John Ratzenberger (Mike the Angel) to punch Kevin Sorbo...

...and he executes it.

We shot the film with two cameras, which meant that at certain times, one of the cameras could be taken away for "establishing shots" and "B-roll." Establishing shots are usually scenery shots or shots of locations that don't require any actors. B-roll involves random shots of activity that again, doesn't require lead actors. In this case, we were on the 17th floor of the building getting shots city buildings as well as a couple shots from a distance of Mike the Angel's truck driving into the city.

To make Mike the Angel's truck look older and more roughed up, co-producer and set dresser Harold Cronk and I spritzed water and then tossed dirt on it.

Filming some close up shots inside Ben Walker's minivan. The black sheet you see on the passenger side is to create shadows that look like branches and random objects.

To get big power onto the 17th floor of the building, we had to extend cable up the outside of the building.

Yours truly playing a gas station attendant with Kevin Sorbo.

Setting up a scene inside a limo which unfortunately we later cut from the film.

Inside the lobby of the office building.

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