Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First few days in the Holy Land...

Dianna and I are here with more than 500 friends of Moody Bible Institute.

In Jerusalem we could see the Dome of the Rock from our hotel room.

We visited Herodium, a place Herod the Great built for himself just before the time of Christ.

On the way to the Dead Sea (which was only sick when we first visited the Holy Land in 1980) we saw this funny camel.

Here’s a view of sunrise over the Dead Sea from our new hotel room.

Today I got close enough to a Gedi to see (and shoot) his horns, which were once used to make the shofar.

More soon.


Tiffany Stuart said...

Stunning pics. Someday I hope to travel there too.

Thanks for sharing.

Bobbi said...

Beautiful pictures. I bet it was amazing.

I have an online friend there, who by the way, is a fantastic recipe source, and it is such a blessing to talk with another believer that actually lives in the Holy Land.

God Bless You and Yours.

flowerfish said...

NICE! Looks like you are having good weather in that lovely land. I know you are with a good group since they are Moody folks. Do you plan to be baptised in the Jordan? Is it redundant to do it again given that special opportunity?

PenNhnd said...


Ah....home, sweet home. How I love that place! But you know that...

Any funky drivers named Nachshon this time? If so, tell him Eva said shalom! Will you see our friend Tsion while you are there? Also...tell him Eva from Florida said Shalom! Okay...and one FINAL one: if you go to the Man of Galilee Museaum and should meet the bookstore manager there (Alex) tell him...well...you know...Eva said Shalom! :)

ambridget2 said...

I surely look forward to the time when we can visit the places where Jesus' feet met the ground.

One day!

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the chuckle that you gave Jake and me when we read the caption about the Dead Sea.

Blessings! Thanks again!
Josie and Jake

Marla Taviano said...

Great pics. I dream of visiting the Holy Land someday.

Deborah Deetales said...

Wonderful pictures and a great (and funny) commentary. It's so good to see the Holy Land through your eyes. Please share as much as you'd like!


D&D Harder <> said...

Thanks Jerry for sharing! Wonderful photos! We are looking forward to a trip to the Holy Land one day too...here or in Eternity...which ever comes first! :)
May our LORD God pour out His blessings, joy and Presence on you and Dianna as you enjoy visting His home land!

In Christ Alone,
D&D Harder <>< Littleton