Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tough Day...

…that was both thrilling and difficult. We were inspired by the many scenes below in the Holy Land, but I also coordinated informing Moody staff on this trip with news that was being announced in Chicago at the same time – the resignation of Moody Bible Institute President Dr. Michael J. Easley.

Back surgery late last year that was only partially successful and anticipated more intense treatment made him conclude that he must step down, as the pain and therapy render him less effective than he feels we deserve. The board reluctantly accepted his resignation but asked him to remain as President Emeritus through May 2009. We’re grateful he accepted and will help us out as he is able while we begin the search for his replacement.

In Israel today, we found this scene where a sandy parking lot existed just a few years ago. It’s called Bet She’an and is near where King Saul met his end.
Between the excavated city and the hill beyond is where Saul fell on his sword.

Dianna got this great shot from the top of the hill. Notice the theater in the upper right.

My bride, Dianna, at Bet She’an.

On the Sea of Galilee on the way to Capernaum.
Dianna at Capernaum, near Peter's mother-in-law's house, the most historically, archeologically, and biblically authenticated site in Israel.

At an early synagogue at nearby Korazim.

Me at the same site.


Norm said...

Jerry, I am sure this was a difficult announcement for the staff, especially given the current environment. However, I am certain they feel privileged and blessed to have such a strong and godly man leading them through these difficult times ahead.

My best to Dianna

Norm said...

Oh yes, I failed to mention I pre-ordered five copies of RIVEN today. I cannot wait to share it with family and friends. Having the privilege of reading the promotional copy I can say to anyone who is interested - it is a must read and a must share book.

God Bless!

PenNhnd said...

Thanks again for the photos, Jerry. As always, makes me yearn for more...yearn for home. Capernaum is one of my favorite sites. Last year when I was there, as I peered through the lens of my camera, I saw a good friend of mine in the view finder. What a surprise! To see a friend from the US in Capernaum, Israel. We had a blast, taking photos with each other, introducing Miriam to the tour she was with. What a neat experience. Like a little piece of heaven, itself! :)