Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So, I showed you... wife and fourth grandchild. Here are the rest, with son Dallas, and his wife Amanda. The kids, left to right, are Sammy, Elle, and Maya.

You want to know how to have such gorgeous progeny? It's simple:

1 -- Either show the photos that came with your new wallet, or...
2 -- Marry a gorgeous woman people still assume is your daughter, then have a son who takes after her and marries another beauty.

Nothing to it.

And the kids are too much fun. Having had only brothers and sons, it should go without saying that the granddaughters have me wrapped around their pinkies.

And Sam is a hoot.

He told Dallas recently, "I got a joke for ya, Dad. What kinda animal do you not wanna play cards with?"

Dallas said, "I don't know. What kind?"

Sammy: "A cheetah!"

Dallas said, "That's funny, Sam. Do you know why it's funny and why you don't want to play cards with a cheetah?"

Sammy: "Yeah, cuz they eat people!"


The Waggoners said...

Nathan says adoption's a good option too. ;-)

Vicki Fourie said...

Sammy might follow in your out! He's got a way with words, it seems. Very orignial joke.

Janey DeMeo said...

I can totally "hear" Sam saying that Jerry. Yep, he's a hoot for sure.

Louis & I were at the Orphans Summit in Florida last weekend. God is moving on behalf of the children. Let's keep praying that every child finds a forever family.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how simple a child's mind is, yet sometimes the simplicity can be profound. We are to be child-like in our faith ... to know that we don't want to play cards with a cheetah because they will eat us ... rather than over thinking the obvious and trying to find some deeper meaning!