Friday, May 9, 2008

We're off to see the baby... Kansas, and we can't wait. Son Chad and wife Christa's first, 10-month-old Isaac, has just begun to crawl. He's good natured, insatiably curious, and knows from the sound of the garage door when Daddy's come home . Here he's showing off his first tooth, playing with me on the floor, and trying to stay awake to see Chad before bedtime (my favorite shot).

The release of Riven is still more than two months away (July 22), but I am more excited about this novel than any other before it. The first few chapters are available at, or
And if you care to see a brief video of me talking about the idea, just click here:


Anonymous said...

Great family photos, Jerry. Good books are one thing, but you have much to be proud of otherwise. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing you at the CWG board meeting in Denver, perhaps at ICRS.

Bob Elmer

Anonymous said...

Isaac is a darling! :)

JP Just Knows Everything said...

Having been fortunate enough to read Riven already, I will say with all honesty that it ranks right up there with the best of all books I've ever read. And as I read several books each month...there are many to rank against. I thank you for sharing it Jerry, and I hope it is a monster success.