Sunday, June 1, 2008

Beer, Caves, and David & Goliath

Dianna and I at Beersheeba in our protective helmets (don't ask).

Dianna in the Bell Caves of Bet Guvrin.A view from the cave out the top.

Me at the Valley of Elah where David slew Goliath. We learned it wasn't "five little stones he took," just in case Goliath's brother retaliated. It was five large stones, likely even bigger than the one I chose. Our prof said the slings of that period used rocks the size of baseballs.


PenNhnd said...

We're you amazed when you went down into the storage system in Beersheva? (Oh...and very funny...using the word Beer in your caption. Made me stop and ponder...)

When you went to Elah did you march up the hill where the Philistines would have watched the showdown? See the pillars with scripture? Beg an EMT for oxygen?

flowerfish said...

Your pictures and captions sure make a person want to go there. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds like you are in for some Art Linkletter moments when you and your wife get to stay with your grandchildren. Good thing you went to Isreal before keeping them because you might not be up for it afterward!

flowerfish said...

P.S. Sorry for the misspelling of Israel. My southern accent tripped me up.

Jamin said...

Ouch! Those rocks would've hurt.