Saturday, May 31, 2008


Two of the photos below show me at different sources of the Jordan River, one shows me playing king at the Israelite Gate, and finally Dianna on a tank at the side of the road.

Speaking to most of the 500 friends of Moody on the Israel trip.

At Mount Carmel (where Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal) with the statue of Elijah in the background.Re-enacting the statue with Marty Hartley of Moody.The best-looking grandma in the Middle East. Think I'll take her home with me.Local flora.

Grandkid laughs…

Son Dallas and his wife Amanda have our three oldest grandchildren, Sam (7), Maya, also known as Moo (4), Elle, also known as Beanie (3). When we get home from Israel we’re going to babysit them for a weekend. Here’s something from Dallas’s recent blog:

During lunch today, the kids and Amanda were talking about an upcoming weekend where my Mom and Dad are taking care of them while Amanda and I go on a 10th anniversary trip. Maya said, "And they'll do whatever we want!" Amanda laughed, to which Sam added, "But Mommy! There's a very important thing you can't forget! A list of what they'll need to do while you're gone!" So I said, "What do you think would happen if I didn't leave a list?" Sam says, "They'd be all messed up." In that spirit, Amanda asked Sam and Moo what they thought would be important to put on the list--here's what they said...

1. Take us to the toy store.
2. Take us to the pool.
3. Don't forget our swimsuits.
4. Don't let us touch poisonous frogs.
5. Go to a mall that has ice cream.
6. Don't let Beanie show her bottom.
7. Don't let Beanie shake her booty.
8. Cook the food.
9. Change Bean's diapers.
10. Wipe Maya's poopy batoosky.
11. Feed Toto and George (hamsters).
12. Have a movie night with popcorn.
13. Watch out for tarantulas.
14. Eat otter pops.
15. Give us baths (don't let the girls splash).
16. Don't let Daddy toot when he leaves.
17. Lock the doors at night.
18. Shoot bad guys.
19. Pick us up from school.
20. Pick flowers for Mommy and Daddy.


Anonymous said...

I love the comments (list) from your grandkids! Aren't they the best? When Ashley (our oldest daughter...and the strong willed child of the three) gave birth to her first, my husband (holding the baby) said, "This is why we let you live."

I love the photo comment about speaking to "most of the 500 from Moody." Makes me wonder where the rest were. :)

And you are right. Diana is the best looking grandma in the Middle East.

For now. I'm still in Florida. HA!!! (Kidding, of course...)

connie said...

I loved the kids "to do list".
Connie Reid

Becky said...

What great pictures of the Holy Land and what a great list from your grandkids. That is adorable!