Sunday, June 8, 2008

By the time you read this...

...we'll be in the air on the way home, from Amman, Jordan, through Paris and Atlanta to Denver, then a ride to Colorado Springs. Call us shallow, but we miss McDonald's.
That's the Jordan River behind me.
With a notebook full of goodies after two weeks of biblical studies under various profs and guides.
Dianna in the Jordan.


cristina said...

thanks for sharing your trip with us!

pennhnd said...

I was amazed by the Jordan. So murky. I wondered if it was from all the sins that had been washed clean from the sinners over the last 2000 years. :)

Eva Marie

Todd Miles said...

Jerry - Thank you so much for posting your trip. I also blog but for a different reason. Suffering from a lung disease IPF and how God is guiding me thru this condition.

I have an alterior motive BTW for commenting. I recently got a Kindle for my birthday and downloaded your second book Silenced but was dismayed at not being able to download the third. Any plans to publish Shadowed on the Kindle?

Could not put down Silenced and will probably just buy the regular book.