Saturday, June 7, 2008

From just one half day in exotic Jordan...

We were impressed that they have a benevolent ruler (King Abdullah, the late King Hussein's son) they seem to universally admire.
These are everywhere, of course, as the nation is 97% Muslim.
Many trees are permanently bent like this from the desert winds.
Believe it or not, this was shot from our bus, as was the next.

Notice the English spelling. If they can't make you pretty, apparently you won't care anyway.

At Mount Nebo, where Moses died, a memorial to the serpent being lifted up in the wilderness.

Tour leader Dr. Charlie Dyer, Moody Bible Institute Provost.


My Sanctuary said...

Shalom, JERRY!!!

I am SO Jealous! Israel! I may never see that place, this side of the Glorious Appearing! And Petra. You did a great job of describing it in the books, but it must have been something to see FOR REAL!!!

Love the Beauty Saloon caption!!!

Oh, I figured out 216... observe...

666 or 6X6=36 36X6= 216 No matter how you slice it, there is a 6 involved. I started by doing some simple division: 216 divided by 6, and the rest just came. Either way, multiplication or division, the number 6 comes up.

While I have you here, do you have any opinions on the whole Barak Obama issue. I have a friend, heavily into prophecy, who thinks Obama has the potential to be THE bad guy.

THANKS so much for the LEft Behind Series!!!! Please pass my best wishes to Dr. LaHaye!



p.s. I'm currently working on a Christian novel. Call it a romance novel with parental issues.

My Sanctuary said...

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