Friday, June 6, 2008

Petra. Spectacular.

Western culture has no boundaries. This is on the way to Petra.

Western technology also crosses cultures.
Heading in.From inside the half-mile siq that leads to Petra.
Our first ever view of the famed Treasury.
At the same spot.Like all the other structures in ancient Petra, carved from solid rock.

My sentiments exactly. It was hot, dusty, and exhausting. We walked for miles.
From the High Place, a grueling climb. And we're just a little smug about having endured it.
Finally at the top and looking cheerier than we felt. And for you potential blasphemers, this Cub fan is not wearing a Boston cap. That’s from Bethel College (IN) where my son played and coached.


Anonymous said...

113??? Goodness I hope you had your SPF 85 on!

This past trip of mine was in February. The one before that in June. I'll take February over June any hot day of the week!

Eva Marie

Linda Harris said...

Amazing! I'm a bit envious and would love to go there.

flowerfish said...

I am enjoying being a vicarious tourist. This is the biggest adventure of my summer! Thanks for letting others enjoy it with you.

Kochi said...

Petra is simply SPECTACULAR. Was the camel dead by the way? pffff....