Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy New Year...

1 2009 started with a road trip with Christian Writers Guild Managing Editor Andy Scheer and Admissions and Marketing Manager Paul Finch to a reception in Grand Junction, way across the other side of Colorado. It was gorgeous driving through the mountains for hundreds of miles to get there. Not so gorgeous coming back the next day when we had free parking most of the way (snow and traffic).
But we were wonderfully hosted at the Canyon View Vineyard Church by Karla Kassebaum and The Lord’s Write Hand writers group. They were most kind and responsive as Paul shared about the Guild, Andy and I conducted a thick-skinned manuscript critique clinic, and I did a little Q&A. Q & A.
Manuscript clinic.

Signing for Karla and her daughter Hannah.

2 I came home to meet again with former Washington Redskins coach and now NASCAR race team owner Joe Gibbs as we try to put the finishing touches on his motivational book Game Plan for Life. It is set to release this summer from Tyndale.

3 Tonight I will appear on the History Channel's Seven Signs of the Apocalypse, 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, 8 p.m. Central, and 7 p.m. Mountain. It will probably be re-run if you can't catch it tonight.

4 Later this week Dianna and I leave for Australia to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary and so I can tick off one more item from my bucket list: climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I'll share photos or where flowers may be sent. :)


Norm said...

Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Norm & Alice

Mike said...

Jerry. You look terrific.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I did that climb on the Hanger! We had the privilege of living in Narromine, NSW Australia for 4 years in the late '90's. We went back for a visit just when they opened the bridge climb. They outfit you up and make sure nothing can come unglued to drop down onto passing cars below for the climb. It's great. Got good knees? There are a few steps up and a few more (it seemed!) down. Enjoy! Susan Talbot, CWG Apprentice, L-37.

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Happy anniversary and enjoy your vacation and live to tell about it on your blog.

Jerry Jenkins said...

Actually, I have horrible knees, but I've been stationary cycling, rowing, lifting, and playing racquetball for years to get ready for this.

As long as I end up in decent enough shape to be shipped home, I'll be happy.

cristina said...

oh, that last one made me laugh out loud... make sure your life insurance is payed up. :)

enjoy your trip, and congratulations!

God bless you both!

Tom Dulaney said...

As a happy survivor of your thin-skinned critique, I am glad more people are getting the same benefit as I did.

Barbara J. Robinson said...

Jerry,You've got a lot going on-interesting. Hope your knees hold out. I look forward to your blog after the anniversary and pictures.

I love the Left Behind Series and came to be a student in CWG because of reading those marvelous books.

James said...

Jerry, I hope you have a wonderful time in Australia! It is one of my favorite places. Be sure to stop by and visit Paul Bootes at the Koorong Book shops. It's a great outfit.

As to the bridge, I have some wonderful pictures--FROM THE GROUND...

CovenantMessenger said...

Happy Anniversary. I would rather see photos than have to send flowers.