Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Son Dallas...

...who looks like his mother, praise the Lord, has a very interesting piece at the following link:

If you like to keep up with the culture, it's worth a look.


Wes said...

...thank you!

...great article, not only on your son

...but on the plight of substantive films

...and....... father-in-law always said, "You want good looking kids, then you need to make certain they have a pretty Mama!" (...God bless his olde schmoozer heart!

...when Judy's Mom died at the end of '07 just 26 short of being 103, she was still a beautiful woman, sincerely. So with your bride and mine, just one more way thee and me married up...way up! :-)

diannasprings said...

Well, since his hair is getting longer by the day, he is definitely looking more like his Mother!!! :)

C.J. Darlington said...

I enjoyed reading that piece. I love hearing what's going on in the Jenkins Entertainment world. Just heard Riven is to be a movie?!? Looking forward to following the progress of that.