Sunday, February 8, 2009

Founder's Week at Moody... already a highlight of 2009 for us. Speakers were great, students fabulous. We often say at Moody that if we were a company, the students would be our product. In my humble opinion, we can be justifiably proud of the product our profs are turning out.
Here we are at Moody Church before the final session where Franklin Graham spoke. He was the last in a list that included such men as Michael Easley, Crawford Loritts, Erwin Lutzer, Charles Colson, Alastair Begg, and many others.


seriouswhimsey said...

This is so off-topic, but, you two are a gorgeous couple! :-) BTW, just finished reading "Riven." Had to discipline myself to put it down. It accomplished your goal. I'll be thinking about it for a long time. I'm overwhelmed, and excited, by its multiple messages.

Leah Miller said...

I also wanted to say how great you two look. You aren't supposed to get better and better looking as you get older. It's just not fair for the rest of us.

I haven't gone to Founder's Week since I graduated. Maybe for my 10-year... still have 2 more years for that!