Saturday, February 7, 2009

You People are as Crazy as I Am

So, here are some entries in the photo caption contest for the picture at right:

My thighs used to be this big. –Rick W.

Then poof, my accordion disappeared. –Matt S.

Everybody, clap! –Dave V.

His sentence was this long before I edited it. –Tommy F.

…a fountain flowing deep and wide… –Kenda P.

If I were President, the economic crisis would have lasted only this long. –Gary F.

I hit the ball this close to the wall. –Debbie K.

Darn right, I know karate. –Joe B.

At a book signing in Iraq, a guy threw a shoe at me this big. –Joe R.

C’mon, the tie was Dianna's idea. –Dennis H.

The wallaby missed me by this much. –Jay J.

I remember when Dallas was this big. –Don P.
“Five-dollar foot-long!” –Gary S.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! (I may have to steal it!)

Anonymous said...

It may have taken me decades to write but it is finished Praise God!