Monday, May 11, 2009

As Promised...'s a photo of me with my mother. She'll be 83 this week, and while she's slowing down physically, the mind is still there.

She told me she has "hare" and "tortoise" speeds on her motorized wheel chair. I said, "Do you ever set it on hare?" She said, "Sometimes, when I see an empty corridor and want to feel the wind in the my hair. Of course, I have to lean into the turns."

In my mind's eye I still see her as I did when I was a pre-schooler, playing cowboys and imagining saving her from the bad guys.
She promotes my books at the home where she lives and confides in me who's "actually read them and who's just being polite."


S. J. Deal said...

I hope you're mother had a wonderful birthday! I'm way late but:

Happy Belated Birthday!

WordyKaren said...

Precious family photos, Jerry. Loved the shot of you and your mom--devoted fan.

Karen O'Connor