Friday, February 5, 2010

Visiting Mom

Due to my mother's failing health and taking advantage of the fact that our youngest brother and his wife are back in the States briefly from their missionary work with Wycliffe in Senegal, West Africa, we made it a point to all meet in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for what will likely be the last time all of us would see her together.

She was thrilled. Above we stand with our spouses in order of our ages. Left to right are Jim (63) with Sharon, Jeoff (62) with Phyllis, Jerry (60) with Dianna, and Jay (49) with Sue.

The next photo shows me with Jay in the back, Jim and Jeoff in the front with Mom.

And the bottom photo shows me with our son Dallas and his Grandma.

It was a warm reunion, but also melancholy, as Mom says she was "hanging on" to see us altogether. We don't know what that means for her future, but regardless, we rest in that blessed hope that we will see her again one day, here or at the Eastern Gate.

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