Friday, May 30, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Can you find me in this crowd on Moody travelers? Seventh row from the bottom, sixth from the right, black shirt, blue cap.
Pretending to have a clue on the way to the next Holy Land site. Our guides and Moody profs really do know this stuff.
At Gideon's Spring, where his fighting men were chosen by how they drank the water.
With Dianna near the same site.
Overlooking the Seas of Galilee and surrounding towns where Jesus conducted 80% of His ministry.


The Real Deal said...

Of course it's easy to find you when you give a precise description and coordinates! =)

Anonymous said...

So glad you went to Ein Harod where Gideon (and God) narrowed the army down. While there I laid on my tummy and looked toward Moreh and tried to pretend I was Gideon, strategizing. A vivid imagination, I've always had! :)

Also, is the bottom picture on top of Arbel? Enjoy that climb? It nearly whipped me, but then again it was near sunset and after a LONG day of trekking. Still worth the view, huh?

Keep us posted. This is like going home all over again.